ISSPF Partners with KKS Lech Poznan

Lech Poznań since then have gone on to win domestic cups and titles but more importantly have developed into a fantastic conveyor-belt of Poland national team talent who have gone on to continue their progress throughout Europe.

ISSPF Partners with KKS Lech Poznan

We are delighted to announce our online educational partnership with Poland powerhouse KKS Lech Poznań

As Robert Lewandowski continues to break scoring records in the German Bundesliga, thoughts return to the key phase in his development when he was a physically under-developed younger player playing his trade in the Polish Ekstraklasa.

The 2009-2010 football season was a significant one for a player who since made history for club and country. The club he was performing extremely well for was no other than current high-flyers Lech Poznań.

Lech Poznań since then have gone on to win domestic cups and titles but more importantly have developed into a fantastic conveyor-belt of Poland national team talent who have gone on to continue their progress throughout Europe.

Names such as Karol Linetty, Kamil Jozwiak and Premier League defender Jan Bednarek are only a few of the well-known players to have graduated from the club. As football continues to grow significantly around the country and the domestic Ekstraklasa league in particular, there is a further professional development & rise in sport or football science & and a thirst for innovative coaching methods.

Not only are Lech Poznań developing a unique link between academy development of players and success at first team level, but they are continually at the forefront of innovation of the domestic game in order to continue to develop and provide the senior team & subsequent European teams with top class talent.

The drive to succeed, be unique and develop themselves has now led to the official partnership agreement between themselves and the globally acclaimed International Soccer Science & Performance Federation [ISSPF]. Developing coaches & practitioners on a national & local community coaching and player level through provision of cutting edge, bespoke, online football training resources & courses delivered by leading professionals from around the world, is the next step to continuing their development as an innovative & forward thinking club.

The online courses available to the Polish coaching community are developed & delivered by some of the leading coaches & practitioners from top clubs across the English Premier League, Polish Ekstraklasa league, Spain’s La Liga, the Italian Serie A & French Ligue 1.

Furthermore, football & sport science specialists from clubs involved in the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Copa Libertadores & the MLS are providing a real global & international learning insight for all coaches, performance practitioners, learners & students with a range of abilities and knowledge levels.

The accredited & endorsed bespoke online football courses include: NutritionPsychology and Mental Skills TrainingYouth & Athletic DevelopmentTeam Sport Training Methodology, Fitness & Conditioning Training, Tactical Analysis, Talent Identification, Goalkeeper Coaching Science and Injury Reduction & Return to Play.

Not only is the key to the partnership to develop staff from academy to 1st team as part of the in-house club development process, but this official link gives individuals the chance to be a part of a progressive continued development & online coach education strategy moving forward for people in and outside of the club looking in.

A statement from Tomasz Rząsa, Sporting Director of KKS Lech Poznań described, :

“As a club we are always searching for new solutions and know-how in terms of player preparation. Cooperating closely with ISSPF will assist in providing key educational content to not only our coaches but also in the Poznań and coaching community.

“Many coaches and clubs are making progressive steps in this area and linking with ISSPF will benefit everyone wanting to improve their knowledge in coaching performance.”

KKS Lech Poznan FC Logo

Tomasz Rząsa
Sporting Director, KKS Lech Poznań

The Educational possibilities provided through the courses are open to almost anyone involved in the Polish game as Youth Academy or Senior Coaches, Managers, Strength & Conditioners, Sport Scientists, Physios, or Medical Practitioners, to provide insights & additional qualifications as well as best practice to design and implement plans, and sessions with individual players and teams.

As a leading online Football Coaching & Performance educational organization, ISSPF is not only seen as the trusted partner of elite, amateur and youth soccer clubs, international & continental federations, but also as key educational partners of schools, colleges, universities and training institutes worldwide.

The ISSPF accredited courses cover a range of coaching interests from grassroots, through to the elite professional coaching level so are available for all individuals interested in enhancing their knowledge & career prospects.

An official announcement on behalf of ISSPF confirmed the partnership with KKS Lech Poznań by stating,

To become the official online educational provider and partner for KKS Lech Poznań is something we are hugely proud & engaged with.

“This further strengthens our brand in the Polish football coaching community and shows the credibility of our content. The opportunity to assist in the development & provision of top level educational content for Polish coaches, performance & medical practitioners is something we are delighted with.

“Additionally, being able to engage with coaches & staff of the future who may currently be studying within the local community or universities is vitally important to us.”


ISSPF Business Team

The partnership is now active and live on the internet & accessible for all coaches & individuals wanting to begin or continue their development & study across these areas of the game.

Anyone wanting to find out more regarding the online courses, partnership & professional development opportunities can go via the link

Further information & content will be provided via the partnership program link and also on social media via twitter, Instagram & Facebook: @ISSPFed


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