As a leading online education organisation in the world of soccer, is not only seen as the trusted partner of elite, semi-professional, amateur and youth soccer clubs, international & continental federations, but also as key educational partners of innovative schools, colleges, universities and training institutes worldwide.
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ISSPF focus on bringing elite & high-performance coaching and educational lecturers to self-developing individuals in the comfort of their own surroundings through our online platform specifically targeting team sport development and applied soccer specific science.

Our online lectures & courses provide learners of all levels with exposure to some of the most innovative, international lectures & developmental learning across our 5-Level platform that will offer genuine career & professional advantage – we bring coach and performance education to your front room, classroom or while you travel!

If you are school, college, University, coach education federation or organisation looking for an online learning extension programme, or supplementary learning process for your students – then why not plug-in to our ISSPF Multiple Learner Licence.

We can offer volume discounts for as little as 10 learners with specific or bespoke programs or content, whilst providing you with access to your own online learning management account.

You can enrol your own students, coaches or learners within the course and track progress online using our smart tracking system.
This service is suitable to a broad range of learners, particularly educational & coaching federations, or institutions.

Our partnership programs can aid progress through a variety of ways:

  • As an add-on/enrichment course (e.g. for students of all academic levels, coaches working towards various licences);
  • As a supplementary module for learners, students & coaches to study at home;
  • As a part of an in-house club or organisational coach education/self-development strategy that can be monitored;
Learners develop at their own speed, anytime or anywhere they have access to an internet-enabled computer or device.

The benefits of a multi-learner licence are:

  • Heavily discounted rate when offered through your institute, club, university or soccer federation;
  • Bulk-purchase discount (with easy top-up credit packages);
  • Up to two FREE enrolments for course moderators;
  • Printed and PDF certificates for your students;
  • Web based admin area to enroll your own students and monitor their progress;
  • Ongoing support and assistance to you and your students;
  • Resources for classroom based teaching;
  • Your branding and link added to our course partners page.
If you would like to become an education partner with us here at ISSPF, please use the contact form below to get in touch and see how we can help!

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