Certificate in Soccer Business & Management

In this course you will learn the following key aspects of Soccer Business & Management:

1. Soccer History & Politics
2. Governance & Regulation
3. Strategic Management
4. Club Finance & Revenue
5. Marketing & Sponsorship
6. Sport-For-Development


The Certificate in Soccer Business & Management course exposes you to the business side of the soccer industry and teaches the fundamentals of sport management as they apply to the effective organization and management of a soccer club.


The Certificate in Soccer Business & Management is presented by Dr. Chrysostomos Giannoulakis.

Dr. Giannoulakis is a sport management academic and professional who holds a doctoral degree in Sport Administration from the University of Northern Colorado. He has taught in universities and private institutions internationally.

His main research area pertains to sport-for-development and the ways in which clubs and organizations may utilize sport as a vehicle for social change, economic development, and community building.

Parallel to his academic career and research agenda, Dr. Giannoulakis has worked as an event manager and consultant in a number of sporting events including the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, the X Games, the Indianapolis 500, the Athens Classic Marathon, the Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour, and the Athens 2011 Special Olympics.


In this module, we look at the origins of soccer and its evolution throughout time. The past and current political aspects of soccer and how the origins and history of the sport itself have made soccer what it is today.

Includes ‘Politics & Social Media’ case study with Dr. Lauren Burch.

In this module, we look at the definition and concept of sport governance, the structure and function of FIFA, the pros and cons of soccer governing structures worldwide and the big picture of how soccer is structured and governed.

In this module we look at the definition of management and scope of sport management, the importance of club management skills and functions, steps in the strategic planning process and the nature of mission statements and organizational charts.

In this module, we look at the reasoning behind principles of sport finance, the importance of finance in establishing sound club management practices, revenue generation avenues and associated costs and financial integrity in soccer business.

Includes ‘Finance in Soccer’ case study with Ilja Kaenzig FC Bochum, German Bundesliga.

In this module, we look at key sport marketing terms and how to apply them, factors that make sport marketing a unique marketplace, the motivations and rationale for the utilization of sport sponsorship by businesses and clubs and fan preferences and market trends within the soccer industry.

In this module, we look at the theoretical background of the Sport-For-Development concept, the meaningful social impacts and experiences to communities, practical examples and case studies regarding SFD applications to soccer and specific strategies that may leverage a Sport-For-Development soccer event.

Includes case study with Prof. Christs Anagnostopoulos.






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  • Individuals with an interest in developing their skills in order to support managerial and business matters of a soccer club.
  • Those who wish to delve deeper into the soccer industry from a sport management perspective, supported by theory and case studies.

The Soccer Business & Management course is designed for those who wish to be exposed to managerial components and the business side of the soccer industry, so that they can:

  • Comprehend the fundamentals of sport management as they apply to effective organization and management of a soccer club or soccer-related entity.
  • Understand how key financial and administrative areas lead to effective management processes, ethical choices, and sustainable development.
  • Acquire a critical, holistic, and ethical approach to the soccer business, as well as recognize current and future trends within the greater soccer industry.
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