Category: Performance Analysis

This particular discipline of high performance coaching has become one of the most important and highly utilised methods across many levels of soccer. Performance analysis in soccer is the process of assessing performance to develop an understanding of soccer specific technical, tactical & physical actions to inform better decision-making, whilst supporting coaches and players to become more efficient with their practice & performance.

Real Madrid players celebrate lifting the trophy after winning the UEFA

Recovery Training in Football – To do or not to do?

Congested fixture schedules and high training loads are always challenging and at the elite level of the game seen as normal practice.

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Fixture Congestion in Football

As the demand for televised games grows within the game, driving the ever-growing financial demands, European giants Real Madrid came through and endured a ruthless …

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Performance Analysis In Soccer: Blending Coaching With Science

In a results-driven business where continual periods of physical exertion is required, the need and demand for players across a range of levels within the …

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Germany Players Stretching

Dynamic Stretching Protocol in a Warm-up on Neuromuscular Performance Capacity

The objective of this study was to compare the acute and lingering effects of a low volume-duration static and a low volume-duration dynamic stretching regime within a pre-competition warm-up on neuromuscular performance capacity in professional soccer players.

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Football Players Doing Aerobic Training

Seasonal Aerobic Performance Variations In Elite Soccer Players

Soccer match play and training, requires a high aerobic capacity due to the 90min duration minimum of the game.

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Football Training session

Influence of Relative Age Effects and Quality of Tactical Behaviour on Youth Performance

Based on a really interesting concept, the present study examines the associations between tactical performance indexes with quality of tactical behaviours and birth-date quarters of youth Soccer players.

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