Certificate in Soccer
Training Load Management

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Within this Certificate in Soccer Load Management course you will be exposed to soccer specific research, practical examples and training load monitoring methods used within varying levels of the game.

This online course has been developed with some of the most respected practitioners and academics within the game, providing key messages and insights linking both research based aspects, with the practitioning level of the game. This brings together some of the key elements involved within the game from a technical, tactical, management or performance coaching perspective across all levels of the game.

Expiry: 6 months
Average Workload: 20 hours total (pre-lecture reading + online content + questions)
Delivery Method: Online-based
Language Delivered: English

Module Outline of the Foundational Certificate in Soccer Load Management Course:

Module 1: Soccer player testing & monitoring: Real evidence
Lecturer: Prof. Darren Paul (England)

Module 2: Injury reduction strategies in professional soccer
Lecturer: Dr. Patrick Orme (England)

Module 3: Considerations & Applications of Training Load Monitoring in Elite Soccer Players
Lecturer: Dr. Vasilis Kalapthorakos (Greece)

Module 4: Soccer specific monitoring: Weekly microcycle, planning and performance
Lecturer: Dr. Dawid Golinski (Poland)

Module 5: External load monitoring in professional soccer: Understanding GPS tracking
Lecturer: Dr. Xinji Xi (China)

Module 6: Testing and monitoring in soccer: training & games
Lecturer: Dr Berni Guerro (Spain)
Topic: Performance Analysis

Module 7: Soccer specific monitoring: Subjective effort assessment
Lecturer: Dr. Dawid Golinski (Poland)

Module 8: Training Load Management: The appliance of science
Lecturer: Dr. Adam Owen (Wales)

Is my progress logged through the course?
You can view your results and course progress at anytime from your results page.

Can I stop/pause a presentation part way through?
Yes, the course is completely flexible. You can go back to a module at anytime and continue from where you left off.

Can I stop/pause a test part way through?
No. Online test must be completed in one go and immediately after completing the module.

Can I take the modules in any order?
No. The course follows a set structure that must be studied in numerical order. You can only access the next module once you have completed the previous module test.

Do I get feedback from the course?
Yes. On completion of all 8 modules there is a set of 8 basic assignments (1 per module). You should complete those 8 assignments and submit them via the learning portal to receive feedback from one of our faculty.

Is there a time limit on the course?
Yes. This course has a 6-month time limit. You can access the course 24/7 within your 6-months.

Will I get a certificate to show that I have passed the course?

Yes, you will receive a pass certificate provided you have attained the minimum pass grade of 75%.

If you have any further questions, please Contact Us.

Lecture 1 : Soccer Player Testing & Monitoring - Real Evidence

Professor Darren Paul


In this lecture you’ll explore soccer specific player testing & monitoring strategies based around real evidence. Then take a further look at the coach & players considerations when it comes to monitoring, plus considering the different monitoring & testing protocols possible.

Lecture 2 : Injury Reduction Strategies in Professional Soccer

Dr. Patrick Orme


This lecture is built around key injury reduction strategies that are currently associated and used within professional soccer. You will then discover the link between the physical stimulus required to keep players healthy and available to train, whilst also finalising this area with key soccer process planning and scheduling.

Lecture 3 : Considerations & Applications of Training Load Management in Elite Soccer Players

Dr. Vasilios Kalaporthakos


In this lecture the considerations and applications of training and monitoring in soccer are discussed further along with the theoretical models surrounding training load management & understanding more about the internal and external methods used.

Lecture 4: Soccer specific monitoring: Weekly microcycle, planning and performance

Dr. Dawid Golinski


In this lecture, we deep dive into load monitoring methods used functionally within the game so that you can explore weekly training microcylces, specific soccer strategies for planning and performance & how you can implement them in your work with your team.

Lecture 5 : External Load Monitoring in Professional Soccer - GPS Tracking

Dr. Xinji Ji


In the lecture, we will examine in more detail, the role of external load monitoring processes in professional soccer and understanding GPS tracking systems.

Lecture 6 : Testing and Monitoring in Soccer: Training & Games

Dr. Berni Guerrero


Understand the difference between testing and monitoring while further looking at the internal and external methodologies used within this particular area. You’ll then explore the practical application of testing and monitoring and how it can be put in place within a soccer specific environment.

Lecture 7 : Soccer Specific Monitoring: Subjective Effort Assessment

Dr. Dawid Golinski


This lecture further examines the subjective load analysis and discusses the RPE or effort assessment from a soccer specific process. We will discuss the monitoring tools approach and wellness monitoring, microcycle planning with more detail, whilst integrating some of the recent literature around the acute versus chronic workload principle.

Lecture 8 : Competitive Soccer Training Microcycle: Structure & Justification

Dr. Adam Owen


This final lecture brings the appliance of science into an applied setting with a detailed case study example in elite soccer. As the flow of the course concludes, we will examine soccer specific training load management within a high-performance setting & philosophy, with specific indicators of injury reduction of risk factors from a player and coach centred perspective.

Soccer Load Management Certified Course

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