Strengthening Sports Science Education: Collaboration of 2I2S & ISSPF

ISSPF are proud to announce the collaboration with 2I2S (Institut International des Science du Sport) strengthening sports science education.

In an exciting step towards advancing sports science education, the Institut International des Science du Sport (2I2S), based in France, has forged a ground-breaking partnership with the International Soccer Science and Performance Federation (ISSPF).

The primary objective of 2I2S is to facilitate the development, organization, management, coordination, and delivery of teaching and training activities in various scientific fields, with a particular focus on sports science.

Through their collaboration with ISSPF, 2I2S aims to enhance the accessibility and quality of sports science education both domestically and globally. This article delves into the significance of this partnership and its far-reaching implications.

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Online Sports Science Education

The Institut International des Science du Sport (2I2S) has garnered an impressive reputation as a leading institution in the domain of sports science education. With a focus on research, innovation, and knowledge dissemination, 2I2S plays a pivotal role in nurturing skilled professionals in the sports industry.

By offering comprehensive educational programs and training activities, 2I2S equips learners with the necessary expertise to excel in various disciplines related to sports science.

On the other hand, the International Soccer Science and Performance Federation (ISSPF) has established itself as a prominent global platform dedicated to fostering excellence in sports performance and scientific research. ISSPF’s mission aligns seamlessly with that of 2I2S, with both organizations striving to promote evidence-based practices and cutting-edge research in the realm of sports science.

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The Merits of Collaboration

Through this symbiotic partnership, the 2I2S and ISSPF seek to complement each other’s strengths and expertise. As a pivotal aspect of this collaboration, 2I2S has taken on the responsibility of officially endorsing and accrediting the ISSPF’s online courses.

This accreditation ensures that learners who engage in ISSPF’s online courses will have their study hours recognized by 2I2S. Furthermore, successful completion of the courses will result in the award of a certificate of achievement from ISSPF, which will contribute to the attainment of formal 2I2S accreditation and continued professional development.

In essence, this collaboration serves as a win-win situation for students, professionals, and the sports science community at large. Learners pursuing sports science education through ISSPF courses can now benefit from the credibility and recognition bestowed by 2I2S accreditation, bolstering their career prospects and professional growth.

Simultaneously, 2I2S expands its horizons by accrediting ISSPF courses, ensuring a wider array of study options for its own students and fortifying its position as a global hub for sports science education.

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Global Impact

The impact of this collaboration extends well beyond the borders of France. By endorsing and accrediting ISSPF courses, the 2I2S not only acknowledges the value of international sports science education but also actively encourages learners worldwide to avail themselves of these high-quality offerings. Consequently, ISSPF courses gain prominence on a global scale, attracting students and professionals seeking top-notch sports science education.

The mutual accreditation of study hours by both organizations promotes transparency and harmonization of standards in sports science education. This fosters a cohesive international community of sports science practitioners, facilitating knowledge exchange and cooperation on a global level.

Ultimately, the beneficiaries of this partnership are the athletes and sports enthusiasts who will reap the benefits of evidence-based practices and advancements in sports science.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the International Soccer Science and Performance Federation (ISSPF), a momentous collaboration that will revolutionize sports science education. At the Institut International des Science du Sport (2I2S), our mission has always been to foster excellence in sports science through research, education, and innovation. With this partnership, we reaffirm our commitment to providing top-notch learning opportunities and expanding the frontiers of sports science both in France and across the globe. Through the accreditation of ISSPF’s online courses and our mutual endorsement, we are empowering learners to achieve formal 2I2S accreditation and continued professional development, driving progress and elevating the standards of the sports industry worldwide.”

Professor Hassane Zouhal
2I2S President

The partnership between the Institut International des Science du Sport (2I2S) and the International Soccer Science and Performance Federation (ISSPF) signifies a significant milestone in the field of online sports science, or soccer science education.

By endorsing and accrediting ISSPF’s online courses, 2I2S reinforces its commitment to promoting excellence in sports science education specifically to soccer. This collaboration not only empowers learners with credible certifications and continued professional development opportunities but also contributes to the growth and advancement of sports science on a global scale.

Together, these two organizations are shaping the future of online sports science education, fostering innovation, and elevating the standards of the sports industry worldwide.

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