ISSPF & Wrexham University Partnership

ISSPF announce exciting football education accreditation and partnership with Wrexham University

Maximizing Football Education
ISSPF Teams Up with Wrexham University for Cutting-Edge Online Courses

As North Wales continues to emerge as a hotspot for football talent, both on and off the field, a renowned academic institution is at the forefront of sporting innovation.

Wrexham as a footballing city, is recognized for its significant role in nurturing talent for the last two UEFA European Championships & FIFA World Cup in Qatar, however its highly acclaimed Wrexham University proudly announces its official collaboration with the International Soccer Science and Performance Federation (ISSPF).

This partnership brings accreditation and endorsement to the university’s offering with links to the bespoke online courses delivered by top-tier football science and coaching professionals worldwide.

Sara Hilton, program leader of the Football Coaching and Performance Specialist degree, expresses her excitement about formalizing the partnership with ISSPF…

“This collaboration not only provides students and sporting communities access to global educational content but also expands learning opportunities for current students, coaches, and alumni associates.

The university aims to offer a range of resources, including certification courses and online master’s programs, to professionals in fields such as coaching, sports science, physiotherapy, strength & conditioning, and medical practitioners.

As a sports science provider, we pride ourselves on our relationships with industry experts and this link with ISSPF will allow us to further expand our learning options for our current students, coaches & alumni associates, who aspire to work at the highest level of the game.

We are collaborating to provide numerous exciting resources in addition to certification courses & online masters programs, that provide coaches, sports scientists, physiotherapists, S & C staff, as well as medical practitioners with exposure to best practice. This is a fantastic initiative, and I am excited that Wrexham University can contribute to the applied football education here in the North Wales region.”

Sara Hilton
Programme Leader, Football Coaching and Performance, Wrexham University

These specific courses target coaches, support staff, learners and students from all levels of academic range, ability and knowledge. The endorsed & accredited courses provide content & insights into the workings of team sport performance coaching covering:

  • Nutrition,
  • Psychology & Mental Skills Training,
  • Youth & Athletic Development,
  • Soccer & Team Sport Training Methodology,
  • Fitness & Conditioning Training,
  • Tactical Analysis,
  • Talent Identification,
  • Goalkeeper Coaching Science & Injury Reduction & Return to Play

The educational outcomes provided through this collaboration are accessible to anyone involved in the game or with an interest in personal development. These courses offer performance insights, continued professional development, extended learning, and additional qualifications for individuals eager to enhance their knowledge.

ISSPF, recognized as a trusted partner globally, extends its collaboration to elite, semi-professional, amateur, and youth soccer clubs, international federations, as well as colleges, universities, and training institutes worldwide.

In an official announcement, ISSPF expresses its excitement about partnering with the Department of Sports & Exercise Science at Wrexham University, emphasizing the region’s love for the game and its track record of coach and performance staff development.

The partnership aligns with Wrexham University’s commitment to providing applied football education, contributing significantly to the North Wales region. The collaboration encompasses a range of coaching interests, from grassroots to the semi-professional and elite professional coaching levels.

“We are delighted to partner with the Department of Sports & Exercise Science, in Wrexham University. We are extremely excited to play a fundamental part in the development of football related individuals in a region known for its love of the game & an area with track record of coach & performance staff development.

The opportunity to assist in the development of football coaching & team sport enthusiasts, practitioners, in addition to the students and learners around the local community, and UK country is one ISSPF are motivated to play a key role within.

The provision of our bespoke online football science & performance courses, although accredited across the region, are currently being studies & accessed by individuals around the world. We are proud to work together for the progression of all individuals interested in enhancing their applied knowledge, and career prospects through the academic pathway Wrexham University provides.

Our courses cover a range of coaching interests from grassroots, through to the semi-professional & elite professional coaching level so are available to all.”

Official Statement
ISSPF Business Team

Wrexham, a city gaining global recognition through the ownership of Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney in Wrexham AFC, stands as a testament to football’s transformative power. Not only is it becoming synonymous with these Hollywood-backed owners, but it is also undergoing a notable regeneration, rekindling its reputation as a traditionally known footballing sleeping giant.

This regeneration is not merely confined to the realm of entertainment and ownership in the gaming world, where Wrexham AFC finds itself alongside football powerhouses like Juventus, Real Madrid, Boca Juniors in the latest soccer gaming release. Instead, it extends to the rich history and heritage of Wrexham as a footballing city.

The partnership between Wrexham University and ISSPF further solidifies the city’s commitment to nurturing football-related individuals, tapping into the region’s love for the game and its track record of coach and performance staff development.

Wrexham’s recognition goes beyond just its current affiliations; it is rooted in the city’s potential to awaken as a footballing giant.

The historical significance of Wrexham as a football hub, combined with the forward-thinking initiatives like the ISSPF collaboration, positions the city on the brink of a footballing renaissance. As the city continues to garner attention on the global stage, the academic endeavours like the accredited ISSPF courses at Wrexham University are fundamental to the uprise, as it marks a pivotal moment in the city’s journey.

The aim is not just to be recognized for the entertainment value brought by Hollywood stars but to actively contribute to the applied football education in the North Wales region and beyond.

Wrexham, once known for its traditional footballing ‘giant killing’ cup glory, is now redefining its narrative, embracing a new era of recognition and revitalization. The University partnership with ISSPF becomes a cornerstone in this transformation, offering a unique and bespoke soccer-specific educational platform that resonates with the city’s storied footballing past and its aspirations for the future.

This exciting partnership will look to provide a unique and bespoke soccer specific educational platform for all those wanting to expand upon their knowledge of the game. All courses can be performed whilst travelling or at home, at any time of the day and are generated around the learning time frame of the individual.

Anyone wanting to find out more about the ISSPF online sport science courses, and the Wrexham University accredited ISSPF courses or partnership, further information is provided via social media links here @ISSPFed or at


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