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Masters Certificate in Soccer Psychology & Mental Skills Training

In this Masters Certificate course you will learn the following areas of Soccer Psychology:

1. Coaching Principles: Part 1
2. Soccer Performance Enhancement Interventions
3. Psychological Periodisation
4. Youth to 1st Team Link
5. An environmental approach to psychology & talent development
6. Player adaptability & understanding transitions
7. Mental Skill Development in Soccer 
8. Coaching Principles: Part 2
9. Soccer Specific Skill Acquisition
10. Diversity in Soccer


This Masters Certificate in Soccer Psychology & Mental Skills course has been developed with some of the most respected coaches, sports psychologists, mental skills coaches, practitioners and academics working at the elite level of the game.


DR. ADAM OWENDelivered by Dr. Adam Owen In Module 1, we’ll examine the future soccer player and the changing game, creating a culture within your club, the player pathway, and effective communication and learning styles.

chris bradley soccer psychologyDelivered by Chris Bradley

In Module 2, we’ll examine goal setting in the coaching process, implementing a soccer-specific self talk strategy, maximizing performance through visualisation, and relaxation techniques in a practical setting.

Delivered by Daniel Dymond In Module 3, we’ll examine the purpose of psychological periodisation, the ideal performance state, metacognitive worry & performance effects and developing the training week from a psychological perspective.
Delivered by Dr. Tanja Ecken In Module 4, we’ll examine the academy to 1st team transition phase, the psychological demands of making the step-up, equipping players with the coping skills and managing the demands and pressures.
Dr Danny Ransom - PsychologyDelivered by Dr. Danny Ransom In Module 5, we’ll explore the topics of non-linear talent development, traditional sport psychology, talent factory within a sporting environment, research based working models, and cultural leadership

Dr. Jorge David Mora AnzolaDelivered by David Mora

In Module 6, we’ll examine the the sporting career, career transition in sporting contexts, holistical ecological approach (HEA), Sport assistance program to career transition and mental health & transitions in sport.

Dr Nikki Crawley Soccer PsychologyDelivered by Dr. Nikki Crawley

In Module 7, we’ll explore what is resilience and why we care, resilience bandwidth & the environment, challenging mindsets – predictability vs unpredictability, and psychological environment – pressure, development & awareness.

DR. ADAM OWENDelivered by Dr. Adam Owen In Module 8, we’ll explore leadership styles & coaching, emotional intelligence & understanding, guided discovery coaching method, developing a positive learning environment, goal setting & reflective practice within soccer.
Delivered by Dr. Tanja Ecken In Module 9, we’ll explore the observation & science behind skill acquisition, soccer IQ & performance predictability, neuro skill setting in football, and building a tailored approach to sport.
Delivered by Max Lankheit In Module 10, we’ll explore cognitive diversity, quantifying diversity, and we’ll look at a case study into diversity: understanding the rules.


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This course has been designed for Undergraduate/Post-Graduate Students and Coaches & Practitioners who want the latest research findings, most efficient training methods for maximizing the peak mental performance of their players.
  • Are you tasked with the responsibility for the training & coaching aspects of both individual athletes or team sports?
  • Do you have an interest in developing knowledge in the preparation, training & development of individual athletes or team sports?
  • Are you a sports psychologist keen to understand more about soccer science & mental skills training?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you!

The demand for sport psychologists & mental skills training specialists with a focus on soccer science is growing year upon year. Thousands of coaches, students & independent learners with qualifications, coaching badges & sport science degrees, are asking the key question – How do I get a job in football? What’s the next step? Which area of sport science do I want to specialise in? What is the role of sports psychologist?

The bespoke courses developed by ISSPF Faculty members are a way of further exposing sport science students, individuals working within the game & other football science enthusiasts with a thirst to develop further in this area.

  • Understanding the key components of what drives coaches, players, & athletes to succeed is of paramount importance.
  • Developing strategies in order to prepare individuals for both training & competitive games from a psychological perspective is of great benefit to coaches & practitioners.
  • Coaches & performance practitioners can make huge advances in this under-applied area of coaching & sport science.
  • This course is developed specifically to enhance the coaching & performance process.
  • All practitioners & coaches can only benefit themselves & their players even further by having a more in-depth knowledge of applied psychology & mental skills training development.
  • May help us to maximise our decision making through a better understanding & appreciation of psychological & mental skill principles.

ISSPF courses are not only recommended by universities and federations around the world, but they are delivered by some of the leading practitioners in the game which will provide some cutting edge methods and industry overview on dealing with specific aspects of performance coaching and development largely including physical training in a team sport environment. ISSPF are working at accrediting all their courses through academic and footballing institutes in order to provide additional academic currency to the learner.

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