Professional Masters in Goalkeeper Coaching Science (Senior Pro Level)

The Professional Certificate in Goalkeeper Coaching Science course provides the latest training methods, tactics and detailed insights to help coaches develop their own skills training and maximizing the development of goalkeepers.

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In This Course You Will Learn:

  • The role of the Goalkeeper Coach
  • The specific competitive demands of the modern Goalkeeper
  • Modern Soccer Goalkeeper Training
  • Soccer specific movement preparation: Improving efficiency
  • Philosophical and Technical Insights to Goalkeeper Training
  • Dietary Analysis of a Goalkeeper – Case Study
  • Developing a Goalkeeper specific soccer game and training model
  • Emotion, Anxiety & Coping in elite soccer
  • Skill Acquisition in Goalkeeping
  • Goalkeeper Decision Making and Anticipation
  • Demands & considerations of an elite Goalkeeper Coach
  • Individual Development of Goalkeeper within team environment
  • An Investigation into Modern Soccer Goalkeeper Warm-Ups
  • Set Plays – Goalkeeper Demands
  • Resilience in soccer: Dealing with adversity
  • A Top Down Process in Goalkeeper Analysis
  • Defending Set Plays
  • Developing a Goalkeeper Specific Performance Philosophy







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Course Module

Each on-demand lesson is delivered by an elite-level coach and contains the soccer-specific knowledge, techniques and strategies that you can apply to your training sessions and match day plans.

Delivered by Fraser Stewart
Fraser Stewart Goalkeeper Coach

In this module you will be exposed to being a specialised goalkeeping coach, the specialist goalkeeper and their role in the game, the training environment, the game environment and the considerations of the goalkeeping coach.

Delivered by Fabian Otte

In Module 3, you’ll look at the basics of skill training in sports coaching and find out how the modern football goalkeeper trains, You’ll also learn practical recommendations and top level skill development in professional soccer.

Delivered by Dean SantangeloDean Santangelo

In Module 5, you’ll look at developing a Goalkeeper training philosophy and 4-corner approach. Discover coaching & goalkeeper training structure and Micro cycle weekly planning.

Delivered by Eduardo Cachulo

In Module 7, you’ll look at building a specific Goalkeeper training model by finding out more about neuroscience, decision making and looking at various methods.

Delivered by Sascha Marth

In Module 9, you’ll look at the history of goalkeeping training and compare it to the characteristics of modern day methods. Explore decision making and technical skills to focus on ‘Big Picture Training’

Delivered by Eduardo Cachulo 

In Module 2, you’ll look at key moments & sub-moments of the Goalkeeper role and applied game principles. You’ll also learn about physical demand, effort of the role, key motor skills & psychological skills.

Delivered by Aleksa Boskovic 

In Module 4, you’ll look at mobility & athletic movement planes and ankle, hip & spine mobilisation in sporting performance, You’ll also learn core development & lower body activation, practical application & program design.

Delivered by Liam Anderson

In Module 6, you’ll look at a dietary analysis & background information case study. Explore energy intake & expenditure across a micro cycle and look at the case study outcomes, improvements and considerations.

Delivered by Jeff RichardsonJeff Richardson goalkeeping

In Module 8, you’ll look at choking under pressure – understanding the causes and thinking about self-talk, awareness and the role of resilience in soccer.

Delivered by Jyri Niemenen

In Module 1, you’ll look at scanning & field information, game references & decision making processes. You’ll also explore tactical understanding, training the player and structuring the content.


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All ISSPF courses are developed and delivered by a faculty of elite coaches who work at the highest levels of the game, spanning every continent and all FIFA Confederations


Read what other coaches have said about our online soccer courses. All reviews are verified by TrustPilot:

Steve McClaren

Manchester Utd


“This is by far the most innovative style of learning that I’ve seen in this digital era. The breadth of topics covered, combined with the level of detail and insights makes this a must learning environment for any coach who is working or wants to get into the game and progress to the highest levels.”

Manchester Utd, Middlesborough, FC Twente, Wolfsburg, Nottingham Forest, Derby County, England


Ringo Wu

AFC ‘B’ Coaching Certificate


“ISSPF have managed to provide our soccer coaching staff within our college team with a 1st class opportunity to learn & apply some key performance coaching aspects. The opportunity to personally develop & track the staff’s progress through their assisted e-learning process is very impressive. I highly recommend the content as a must for all individuals tasked with the development of soccer players across all levels of the game.”

Head of Physical Education & Sport, Nanwai Kings College Soccer Team, Jinkai District, Jiangsu, China

Kari Ukkonen

UEFA Professional License


“Working with ISSPF as an educational partner has allowed us here at the Football Association the chance to provide CPD and continue to educate our coaches across a wide range of learning levels from our UEFA foundation levels through our UEFA Professional Licence. Offering our candidates, the chance to use both the ISSPF platform & specific soccer courses, is a huge advantage to us as an education provided within the game” 

Head of Coach Education, Football Association of Finland, UEFA, Helsinki, Finland

Vin Blaine



“An experienced director with a demonstrated history of working in the soccer industry & having developed across a range of sports psychology, match analysis, player development, and sports management – I feel the opportunity to integrate the e-learning facility available from ISSPF into as a federation, club or individual self-development level is of huge benefit. As a FIFA & CONCACAF Instructor & Director of Football I have rarely seen an educational tool as good as this to positively influence individuals across a range of key soccer topics.” 

Director of Football & Coach Education, US Virgin Islands Soccer Association, FIFA Coach Educator, US Virgin Islands

Leo Lucas da Silva

Level-2 License


“Using the ISSPF learning facility has opened my eyes to the detail and incredible knowledge provided from an elite faculty of elite coach developers and soccer science educators. As an individual who continually wants to progress my coaching pathway, I think this might be the best solution to increase my awareness of all elements of the game. The large amount of content and lectures available has already, and will continue to improve me. Gaining the Foundation Certificate in Soccer Science & Performance was extremely to me.”

Youth Academy Coach, Botafogo de Futebol, Brazil

Sir Alex Ferguson

Manchester United


Sports science, without question is the biggest, most important change in my lifetime. It has moved the game onto another level that maybe we never dreamt of all those years ago. Sports science has brought a whole new dimension to the game.”

Aberdeen, Manchester United


Oriol Gonzales

UEFA Professional License


“Living abroad to work as a soccer coach has its difficulties in terms of coach education provision due to travel and time commitments. Being able to access the ISSPF platform has allowed me not only to maximise my spare time from a self-development perspective, but we have also been able to gain certifications & qualifications as a club across all elements of the game. From our senior squad staff to the academy staff, ISSPF is a fundamental education tool for our club development strategy.”
Head Coach & Technical Director, Angkor Tigers FC, Asian Champions League, Cambodian Superleague, Cambodia

Jingze Quan

AFC ‘B’ Coaching Certificate


“Being able to develop the coaching staff throughout the club here in Eagles River FC is a large part of my role within the club. Having come across ISSPF and now using the e-learning platform for our English-speaking Chinese coaching, and medical staff we have been able to improve our focus and upgrade some key elements within the organisation. As a large grassroots club here within the province, we feel using ISSPF as an educational partnership is of huge benefit”
Director of Youth Development Coaching, Eagles River FC, Yanbian, Jilin, China

Woody Jacobs

SAFA Level 1 Diploma


“Working as both Assistant Manager with elite players of our national team, I have been able to directly take a lot of content and thought provoking ideas from the content on view within ISSPF and use them to the benefit of our national players. Furthermore, I am delighted to say that we are now integrating the ISSPF online courses into our coach development program to uplift the whole coaching education aspects of our nation.”

Assistant Manager & Coach Developer, Namibian National Soccer Association, Namibia

Susan Lockyear

FFA Advanced Coaching License


“As the game develops within the professional women’s game & also filters down within the girl’s academy programs across the world, we are proud to be at the forefront of driving the developmental aspects of the game in this area. To be able to link as an educational partnership with ISSPF is a huge part of our federation soccer development strategy, and as we can now offer a range of online content, certification qualifications and courses from a range of leading professionals – we have already seen a direct enhancement across our coaching content and performance department delivery.”

Head Coach & Technical Director, Canberra State County FA, Australia

Lorenzo Francini



As a fitness coach and sport scientist working at the elite level of the female game, I feel that ISSPF and their integration of both applied and academic quality is something that will be of huge importance for people within our industry. ISSPF have manage to accumulate a faculty of leaders across soccer science, medical & coaching science that will enable them to educate people from a very insightful and practitioning way.

Head of Performance, AC Milan, Women’s Division, Italy
Peter McDonnell

Peter McDonnell

UEFA A License


“The layers of content within ISSPF is in a league of it’s on when considering CPD options for coaches of all levels. Having explored many avenues through my own coaching journey, the detail embedded in the courses really lends itself to closing the gap between the integrated knowledge across the fields of Sports Science and the actual application of the skills on the field. Being able to learn from many experts, across a global faculty, affords me the ability to step into their professional world and soak in the abundant knowledge they have, all in my own time. ”

Assistant Soccer Coach – The University of Maine

Claudio Donatelli


“ISSPF have been able to seamlessly provide all individuals with an interest in team sports and specifically soccer with the chance to learn from some of the best people in their key research areas. Developing throughout my career as a fitness & conditioning expert and applying the scientific principles of training at the elite level of the soccer, I feel being able to use the e-learning strategy within ISSPF challenges and adds further credibility to my working practices. I highly recommend individuals from all learning levels to tap into the fantastic resource available here. ”

Performance & Fitness Coach Italian National Team

Tony Merola

UEFA A License


“Never before have I seen a unique set of soccer specific performance & coaching specialists under one banner and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to learn within the comfort of my own home. Being part of the educational partnership program with ISSPF has opened up a new & time efficient way for both myself as Technical Director, and my club coaching and fitness staff to up skill and develop as coaches.” 

Boys ECNL Director – Tulsa Soccer Club, USA
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Professional Masters Certificate in Goalkeeper Coaching Science provides the latest training methods and strategies for helping coaches prepare, train and develop their goalkeepers.
  • The Professional Masters Certificate in Goalkeeper Coaching Science online course gives you the specific training principles, tactics and techniques that are applied across the elite level of the game
  • You will develop a strong understanding of the role of the goalkeeper coach, whilst developing your knowledge of conditioning, nutrition, psychology & physiology of the elite goalkeeper

This goalkeeper course is suitable for:

  • Individuals tasked with the responsibility for the coaching, training, & preparation aspects of all players especially goalkeepers
  • Sports coaches or football practitioners keen to understand more about sport or football science, player development and training across team sports with a special reference to goalkeeping
  • Individuals with an interest in team sport training and coaching, goalkeeper coaches and performance practitioners
  • This course is developed and structured for all individuals with an interest in developing their knowledge around the key performance area of goalkeeping, physical training and the sporting methodology approach to team sports.
  • Individuals with degree level or post-degree level education, learners with UEFA, CAF, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, AFC or other FIFA recognised coaching awards in the training & development of individual soccer players, goalkeepers or team sports.
  • If you are an individual tasked with the responsibility for the coaching or coaching education development aspect of both individual athletes or team sports.
  • This is for you if you are an individual with an interest in developing your knowledge in the training periodisation, and coaching methodology, goalkeeping coaching science or individual athletes or team sport players.
  • The Professional Masters Certificate in Goalkeeper Coaching Science provides the latest training methods, tactics, and strategies for helping coaches prepare, train and develop goalkeepers.
  • Understanding the key components of what drives coaches, players, & athletes to succeed is of paramount importance.
  • Provides most efficient training methods and detailed insights into developing goalkeeper fitness alongside tactical strategies & developing a training methodology.
  • Gain a better understanding how to maximise goalkeeper development & preparation of players in a more efficient & contemporary game model approach.
  • Learn how to balance key training elements from a technical, tactical & physical preparation in order to attain peak performance for goalkeepers.
  • Practitioners & coaches can only benefit themselves & their players further by a more in-depth knowledge of physical training & soccer methodology.
    • This course discusses the most efficient goalkeeper coaching methods and performance, goalkeeper coaching science principles and detailed insights into how to program them within a team sport environment.
    • Provides you with increased evidence & knowledge to understand key physical training aspects, goalkeeper coaching science and a performance training methodology processes.
    • Help you to understand the key performance elements and interventions used to organise a training development model in line with physical development of players.
    • Gives you more information in order to prepare, perform & recover your goalkeepers or team sport athletes from both a training and match-play or competitive scenario.
    • Allows practitioners and coaches to benefit themselves and their goalkeepers even further by having a greater depth of knowledge in this key football coaching area.
    • Learn from industry experts in the area of goalkeeping performance coaching, football science and sport methodology:

In this course you will learn the following key areas of Goalkeeper Development:

    1. The role of the goalkeeper coach
    2. Specific competitive demands of the modern Goalkeeper
    3. Modern goalkeeper training
    4. Soccer specific movement training
    5. Philosophical & technical insights into GK training
    6. Dietary analysis of GK: Premier League case study
    7. Goalkeeper specific game and training model
    8. Goalkeeper coaching analysis
    9. Managing pressure
    10. Skill acquisition
  • This course will help anyone interested in making better decisions when it comes to discussing and implementing a physical training and football methodology intervention or goalkeeping coaching structure.
    • The Professional Certificate in Goalkeeper Coaching Science (Pro-Youth Level) has been developed by some of the most respected goalkeeping coaches, sports scientists, physical specialists and practitioners within elite clubs and soccer associations.
    • You will learn from industry experts in the area of Goalkeeper Coaching Science and football fitness, and how it links to the physical development processes in team sports
      Goalkeeper Coaching Science
  • In this course you will learn the following key areas of Goalkeeper Development:
    1. The role of the goalkeeper coach
    2. Specific competitive demands of the modern GK
    3. Modern goalkeeper training
    4. Soccer specific movement training
    5. Philosophical & technical insights into GK training
    6. Dietary analysis of a goalkeeper: Premier League case study
    7. GK specific game and training model
    8. Goalkeeper coaching analysis
    9. Managing pressure
    10. Skill acquisition
  • The Professional Masters Certificate in Goalkeeper Coaching Science course provides the latest training methods, tactics and detailed insights to help coaches develop their skills while preparing, training and maximising the development of youth goalkeepers.
  • ISSPF courses are not only recommended by universities and federations around the world, but they are delivered by some of the leading practitioners in the game which will provide some cutting-edge methods and industry overview on dealing with specific aspects of performance coaching and development largely including physical training in a team sport environment. ISSPF are working at accrediting all their courses through academic and footballing institutes in order to provide additional academic currency to the learner.

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