Category: Talent Identification

Under this section, ISSPF will provide lectures that expose literature, research and applied methods harnessing some of the key values and questions associated with identifying and producing talents within the game. Talent identification can be defined as a process of recognising current players that have the potential to excel within soccer, however here at ISSPF we will aim to open this area of research with some of the latest reports, findings and conclusions for future development.

Erling Haaland player development

Talent Identification & Long-Term Player Development in Football

More and more focus is being placed on player development and unearthing the next superstar. This obviously reduces the need for clubs to pay the …

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SL Benfica: The Talent Factory

Unearthing talent is one thing, but developing talent to reach potential is another. To be able to consistently do this year in and year out, …

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