Category: Strength & Conditioning

The strength and conditioning discipline within ISSPF will encompass, explain & show how modern soccer specific related training methods can assist in developing the entire physical capacity of the soccer player, and what is required to allow them to progress & maximally prepare them for training and match-play. ISSPF professors will reveal the importance of conditioning the player in a very specific way using very applied methodologies linking the science and the art of coaching.

Soccer Conditioning: Fitness for Football Athletes

The engagement and recent developments in both the tactical detail and physical performance of team sport athletes, has been as a result of sport science …

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Football Fitness Training & Conditioning for Small, Medium & Large Sided Games

In a previous article we discussed how you could use soccer itself as a conditioning tool for your players. These games all vary in size as shown …

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Player With Hip Injury

Intertester Reliability of Hand-Held Dynamometer Hip Abduction & Adduction Strength Testing

Hip -strength assessment is fundamental in the clinical examination to predict musculoskeletal injuries in athletes.

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Futsal Match Russia vs Poland

Preseason Injury Characteristics in Spanish Prof Futsal Players: LNFS Project

Futsal is a 40-minute game (20 minutes each half with a 10-minute half-time break) played by 2 five-player teams on a 40320-m court with 332-m goals.

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Knee Extension Strength and Hamstrings-to- Quadriceps Imbalances in Elite Soccer Players

Isokinetic dynamometry is commonly used to evaluate muscle strength and imbalances between the knee flexors and extensors in soccer players.

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Players Stretching

Effect of Static Stretching on Maximal Voluntary Contraction & Force-Time Curve Characteristics

Stretching is used to increase the range of motion around the joint, prevent injury, and also is recommended to improve athletic performance.

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