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The strength and conditioning discipline within ISSPF will encompass, explain & show how modern soccer specific related training methods can assist in developing the entire physical capacity of the soccer player, and what is required to allow them to progress & maximally prepare them for training and match-play. ISSPF professors will reveal the importance of conditioning the player in a very specific way using very applied methodologies linking the science and the art of coaching.

Women FC Zhytlobud-1. Training pre season camp.

The Role of Strength and Conditioning in Soccer

What The Role of Strength and Conditioning in Soccer? Discover tips for Coaching Players at various levels of the game

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youth soccer

Soccer Science & Youth Development Football

This article discusses the processes involved within youth development football and what is meant by youth & athletic development.

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Turin, ITALY - May 21, 2022:

The Physical Development of Women Soccer Players

Read about the Physical Development of Women Soccer Players and Unleashing the Powerhouse ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

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Rasheed Olabiyi midfielder for the Houston Dynamo at Providence Park in Portland,OR USA 8,21,15. Case#01831454

Peak Match Physical Demands and Application in Football

Tips and advice from professional MSL sports science coach, Dr.Ai Ishida PhD on how to meet peak match physical demands in football matches

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BARCELONA - AUG 24: Haaland in action during the friendly match between FC Barcelona and Manchester City at the Spotify Camp Nou Stadium on August 24, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain.

Micro-Dosing Strength Training in Soccer

As athletic development progresses through football training it’s vital to know the importance of micro-dosing strength training in soccer.

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Strength Training in Soccer

All football coaches and managers need to understand the Importance of Strength Training in Soccer to overcome fatigue and injuries in games

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Close up of female legs getting into ice cold water

Recovery Strategies in Football

Contrast water therapy involves immersing your body in 1 of 2 temperature controlled water baths, alternating 1 – 2 minutes in cold water and 1 -2 minutes in hot water used as recovery strategies in football

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Parkour competition of 2016. This event made place in Tel-Aviv on March.04.2016, Contained 20 participants of 2 association.

Strength and Conditioning for Football Performance

During football games it’s very frequent for players to lose their balance which is why using parkour techniques can improve stability.

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Soccer Conditioning: Fitness for Football Athletes

The engagement and recent developments in both the tactical detail and physical performance of team sport athletes, has been as a result of sport science …

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Football Fitness Training & Conditioning for Small, Medium & Large Sided Games

In a previous article we discussed how you could use soccer itself as a conditioning tool for your players. These games all vary in size as shown …

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