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Understanding the balance between work & recovery is something that is vital to maximal soccer performance & player success. ISSPF brings together some of the leading researchers & applied soccer scientists to discuss the role of rest & recovery within the game, and science behind the latest research surrounding the recovery procedures used within the game.

Wembley Stadium, London, England - 31 July 2022: Leah Williamson holding the Women's European Championship Trophy after winning with England

Injury in Soccer: Build up to the Women’s FIFA World Cup

When Arsenal confirmed how England Women’s team captain Leah Williamson has ruptured her ACL I thought I’d share the best ways to prevent injuries in soccer

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Double exposure of soccer player feet kicking a ball in the stadium with upward arrow background

Injury Prevention & Return to Play

Keeping football players fit is crucial regardless of the level you compete at. This is a practitioner’s overview to injury prevention and returning to play tips.

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Cryotherapy Review by

Recovery Strategies in Football

Inadequate recovery for footballers can result in overtraining, burnout & poor performance. Discover the best tips for keeping players fit.

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Flags with FIFA and Qatar 2022

Increasing Injury Risk in Football – FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 Build Up

Through the ages, the FIFA World Cup has become a stage to showcase the greatest talents from each competing nation…however, this particular tournament seems to be counting the injury cost of some of the biggest names in their respective squads who are playing domestically & continentally right up to the curtain raising spectacular!

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Soccer Injury Rehabilitation Process & Phases

Across elite level soccer, the increased demands of training, competitive match play and the ever-growing congestive fixture periods in-season increases the player’s injury susceptibility. Recently, …

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Recovery Strategies in Soccer

Understanding the balance between work & recovery is vitally important in order to maximise soccer performance & player success. The International Soccer Science & Performance Federation …

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injury prevention in football

Preventing Injuries in Football

Due to the huge financial rewards of being successful at the elite level of the sport, and all the benefits that generally filter through the …

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Player Down Injured

Effects of an Injury Prevention Program in Elite Pro Soccer

Soccer is regarded as a high intensity intermittent contact sport exposing players to continual physical, technical, tactical, psychological, and physiological demands

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Austrian Soccer Players Injuries – Are they an Issue?

With its load characteristics, the team sport of soccer places high physical demands on players and thus is associated with a high risk of injury.

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External & Internal Training Loads with Injury Risk Review

This review examined the methods used to monitor external and internal training loads in elite-level soccer and their relationships with injury risk. Due to the significant financial and performance burden of injury incidence in professional soccer, recent research has focused its attention upon understanding the relationship between training load and injury risk.

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