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Developing all physical components required to enhance the overall performance of soccer players is vitally important to ensure individual players and teams can cope with the demands of the game and training scenarios. Being able to develop more the one aspect of the players physical capacity is of paramount importance in order to improve performance and skills at a particular sport. In this section we will provide some of the latest research findings, most efficient training methods and detailed insights into developing player fitness through our ISSPF fitness experts from across the globe.

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Performance Tracking in Professional Football

Article written by Jose Maria Oliva-Lozano Electronic Performance & Tracking Systems Sporting competition in this modern era, at the very elite level is rapidly moving …

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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Regular training and competition over the course of a season in European professional soccer is generally characterized by a pre-competition preparation period of five to six weeks, followed by two competition phases, interspersed with a winter break.

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Training in Practice – Requirement for Compensatory Training

Not only are the USA and Mexico cooperating to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup with the assistance of Canada, but USA’s Major League Soccer …

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The Physical Demands of Football Fitness

One of the main objectives of any training professional, coach or manager should be to know what the demands of their sports require in order …

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Aerobic Power, Strength & Acceleration Training for Under-19s

Soccer is a sport that is characterized by the high presence of intermittent efforts during the 90minutes that the match lasts. This has been the conclusion drawn from various research studies that try to clarify the physical and physio-logical requirements of this sport.

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Small-Sided Games as Aerobic Fitness Supplements for Soccer Players

The purpose of this investigation was to quantify the association between 5 vs. 5 small sided games (SSG) running performance and physiological performance during the Yo-YoIR1 test to ascertain the utility of SSGs as a potential fitness test modality within elite professional soccer players.

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