Using Sports Psychology & Mental Skills Training in Soccer

The England national team goalkeeper Jordan Pickford spoke about the role of the England team’s performance psychologist & the key role he has been playing as the squad prepare for the Euro 2020 fixtures.

What type of technical, physical coach or performance development staff member are you?

  • Where do you need to improve?
  • How do you improve? 
  • What are your mental strengths as a soccer coach, performance staff member, practitioner?
  • What do you do to assist & support your players or athletes from a psychological or mental skills approach?
  • Do you understand the most untapped area of psychological behaviour that can be the difference between winning and losing or maximising performance?
  • What are the top 3 tips for developing confidence in soccer?
Jordan Pickford

The players & coaches within the England National team have both described recently the key support staff assisting the success before & during the tournament.  

The England goalkeeper said, “It was a massive win and a massive moment for me in my career to be beating Germany at home….It was a great day and great experience, but we have the best staff in the country, the best sports scientists, nutritionists, analysts and psychologists.”

Do you have the ability to let go of mistakes, poor decisions as a coach or individual in a sporting environment? Can you maintain confidence in the face of adversity, how do you coach, reflect & progress as an individual? Do you get the best out of your group & motivate them in the right way?

What is Mental Skills Training?

  • Mental skills training is the process involving methods & techniques to improve performance
  • Techniques involve such things like:
    • Developing self-confidence & creating a positive mind-set through goal setting, positive self-talk, visualization, imagery & self-efficacy
USA Womens Team Lifting World Cup

Join Our Soccer Psychology Course

Our ISSPF Foundation Certificate in Soccer Psychology & Mental Skills Training is the perfect online sport psychology course to not only learn from world leaders in the area, understand the development & application within team sports, but also to be able to enhance your role & guidance as a coach, practitioner, performance or medical staff member.  

All of these questions, skills & components are needed to be able to compete & progress to the next level irrespective of the job or role you perform!

The fact elite players are not only describing the importance of ‘sport science’ support staff within the International team set up at major tournaments, but really utilising them shows the need for the continued education in this area to promote development in football or soccer science.

Career in Sports Psychology

The demand for sport psychologists & mental skills training specialists with a focus on football science is growing year upon year. Thousands of students are leaving university with a sport science degree, however many of them asking the key question – What now? How do I get a job in football? What’s the next step? Which area of sport science do I want to specialise in?

The bespoke courses developed by ISSPF Faculty members are a way of further exposing sport science students, individuals working within the game & other football science enthusiasts with a thirst to develop further in this area.

The link below will take you to the hugely popular & expertly designed ISSPF endorsed, & accredited Soccer Psychology & Mental Skills Training Online Sport Psychology Course, where you will be exposed to football science research and practical examples used within varying levels of team sports. 

Is This Course for You?

  • Have you been tasked with the responsibility for the training & coaching aspects of both individual athletes or team sports?
  • Are you an individual with an interest in developing their knowledge in the preparation, training & development of individual athletes or team sports
  • Are you a sport psychologist keen to understand more about soccer science & football training?


Answering YES to any of these questions suggests this course is perfect for you!


Outline of the Foundational Soccer Psychology & Mental Skills course:

Module 1: An introduction to sport psychology & its role within soccer: Increasing awareness
Lecturer: Dr. Alonya Grushko (Russia) Dynamo Moscow

Module 2: Energy management in the game
Lecturer: Ricardo Pires (SL Benfica)

Module 3: Improving focus, attention & concentration in a soccer environment
Lecturer: Omer Ates (Besiktas)

Module 4: Motivating the Individual
Lecturer: Sarah Murray (Brighton)

Module 5: Team cohesion & key lines of communication within soccer
Lecturer: Ricardo Pires (SL Benfica)

Module 6: Developing self-confidence
Lecturer: Dr. Sion Rowlands (Leicester City FC)

Module 7: Imagery as a mental skills intervention
Lecturer: Omer Ates (Besiktas)

Module 8: Coach & Player Self-Reflection
Lecturer: Thomas Pratl (Austria)

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