Soccer Science & Performance Course

The Foundation Certificate in Soccer Science & Performance brings together cutting-edge coaching principles and research-driven training methods to enable coaches at all levels to maximise the performance of their players.

This course exposes you to the very latest in soccer science & performance principles, strategies and tactics adopted by elite clubs to maximise the performance of their players and teams.

Through 8 focussed lectures you’ll attain deeper knowledge of the physical-technical-tactical and psychological demands imposed on your players, and gain an understanding of the practical applications and tools needed to enhance the development of your team within match and training environments.

This course covers the following key areas of soccer science & performance:

1. The physical demands of the game
2. Mental skill development
3. Tactical periodisation
4. Injury reduction strategies
5. Leadership and culture
6. Goal scoring trends
7. Soccer nutrition
8. Competitive training microcycle

The course is comprised of the following:

 8 Training Load Lectures
 16 Hours Study Time
 Pre- & post-lecture reading references
 Multiple-choice tests
Tutor Assessed Assignment
 Certificate of Achievement

This online course has been developed with some of the most respected practitioners and academics within the game.

The focus of the course is as follows:

  • Provides justification for the guiding of specific training methods, interventions & decision making processes within soccer
  • Highlights the practical application of modern, research based training methods & assessment tools
  • Provides an increased evidence & knowledge to understand key soccer science & performance processes across a range of coaching science topics

Who is this course designed for?
This course has been designed for beginner to elite level coaches who want to better understand soccer science & performance principles and strategies that are used at the very top of the game, so that they can be applied within their own team environment.

How long is the course?
This is a 16 hour course providing a deep overview of soccer science and performance best practices that can be applied to your own team environment to improve the performance of your players.

Is my progress logged through the course?
After each lecture there is a short multiple-choice test designed to cement your learning. You can access your test results at anytime through your course progress area.

Can I stop/pause a presentation part way through?
Yes, the course is completely flexible. You can go back to a module at anytime and continue from where you left off.

Can I take the modules in any order?
No. The course follows a set structure that must be studied in numerical order. You can only access the next module once you have completed the previous module test.

Is there a time limit on the course?
Yes. This course has a 3-month access limit. You can access the course 24/7 within this period.

Will I get a certificate to show that I have passed the course?
Yes, you will receive a pass certificate provided you have attained the minimum pass grade of 75%.

If you have any further questions, please Contact Us.


British Virgin Islands Football AssociationAccredited by British Virgin Islands Football Association

This online course is fully accredited by the BVIFA & ensures the study hours will contribute to the achievement of a formal accreditation & BVIFA continued professional development.

The course will also be accepted towards the revalidation for the BVIFA-CONCACAF Level D-B courses.

Browse Lesson Plan

1. The demands of professional soccer

Delivered by Prof. Vasilios Kalapotharakos

In this lecture you will Identify the physical demands of the game, understand positional differences within match-play & training, identify tactical differences in the physical output and understand the challenges of coaching.

2. Developing Resilience In Soccer
Delivered by Nikki Crawley

In this lecture you will understand what resilience is and why we should care, resilience bandwidth & the environment, challenging mindsets – predictability vs unpredictability and the psychological environment – pressure, development & awareness.

3. Game Model Building & Development
Delivered by Dr. Alejandro Romero-Caballero

In this lecture you will understand tactical periodisation background, implications & considerations of training methodology, developing a game model and structuring the microcycle.

4. Injury Reduction Strategies In Professional Soccer
Delivered by Dr. Patrick Orme

The focus of this lecture is to increase knowledge about the types of injuries we see in soccer, understand what can be done on the pitch to reduce the risk of these injuries happening and identify what can be done in the gym to reduce the risk of these injuries happening.

5. Leadership & Culture For High Performance Soccer
Delivered by Max Lankheit

In the lecture, we will cover leadership & managing change, group dynamics & team optimisation, problem solving & systematic thinking, developing high performance teams & performance models.

6. Goal scoring trends of leading European teams
Delivered by Chris Meek

In this lecture we will look at goal scoring trends of the UEFA Champions League, comparative analysis of goal scoring trends: Case Study. We will look at analysing crosses & cutbacks within the game and tactical differences – creating chances.

7. Soccer nutrition & the role of the nutritionist
Delivered by Matthew Jones

In this lecture we will look at the physical performance & nutrition link, soccer specific nutrition, nutritional periodisation, nutritional analysis, intervention & education.

8. Competitive Soccer Training Microcycle
Delivered by Dr. Manuel Segovia

In this lecture we will explore the evolution of competitive soccer demands, an example of a weekly training structure – working microcycle, training session examples and specific content, opposition analysis & game plan development and technical-tactical-conditioning implications of the microcycle.

Your Soccer Science & Performance Faculty

This Foundation Certificate in Soccer Science & Performance has been developed with some of the most respected coaches, sports scientists, physical specialists, practitioners and academics working within soccer

Dr. Vasilios Kalaporthakos

Dr. Vasilios Kalapotharakos studied at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Physical Education & Sport Science and former Sport Scientist at Panionios F.C. Dr. Kalapotharakos specialises in coaching principles, exercise physiology and strength training.

Dr. Nikki Crawley

Dr. Nikki Crawley is a Sport Psychologist and former Mental Skills Coach with Fulham FC. Dr. Crawley works with elite athletes to ensure they are psychologically prepared for performance at the highest levels of competitive sports.

Dr. Alejandro Romero-Caballero

Dr. Alejandro Romero-Caballero is a Higher Sports Technician in Soccer and specialises in soccer methodology, fitness training and rehabilitation.

Dr. Patrick Orme

Dr. Patrick Orme is the Head of Fitness and Conditioning at Bristol City Football Club and former 1st team Sports Scientist for Liverpool Football Club. Dr. Orme is responsible for pitch based physical preparation and conditioning of the 1st team squad.

Maximilian Lankheit

Maximilian Lankheit is Head of Athletic Performance at MLS club San Jose Earthquakes. Maximilian specialises in fitness training and leadership and culture in high performance soccer.

Chris Meek

Chris Meek is a Performance Analyst at The England Football Association and former First Team Performance Analyst for Leeds United FC. Chris specialises in video analysis, data analysis and coaching.

Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones is a Sports Nutritionist at West Ham United FC and specialises in nutrition, physiology and injury prevention. Matthew holds an MSc (Distinction) in Nutrition Science and a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science.

Dr. Manuel Segovia

Dr. Manuel Segovia is a Professional Football Coach and Senior UEFA Coach Educator. Dr. Segovia specialises in coaching principles, physiology and strength training.

Start the Foundation Certificate in
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Start the Foundation Certificate
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 8 lectures (16 hours)
Tutor Assessed Assignment
Certificate of Achievement
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Some of Our Students:

Seth Ablade

Finland FA

Foundation Certificate Award

Just completed his course and was the proud recipient of his certificate.

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Antonis Tsikakis

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Foundation Certificate Award

Just completed his Soccer Science & Performance course and was the proud recipient of his certificate.