Soccer Coaching Leaders Certificate

This accredited online course provides you with an introduction to soccer coaching best practices. You’ll learn how to run engaging coaching sessions with players from grassroots to youth level while developing their technical ability in a fun & safe environment.

The aim of the Soccer Coaching Leaders Certificate is to provide grassroots and youth soccer coaches with leadership and coaching skills that they can easily apply to their own team environment.

The course covers four key areas:

1) FUNdamental concepts of coaching.
2) Key coaching process components & skills.
3) Exposure to a modern applied coaching structure.
4) Further advances through an introduction to an integrated training approach.

In addition to these areas, you’ll also learn about developing a culture, player pathways, and how to promote and develop sound coaching sessions.

The Soccer Coaching Leaders Certificate which is accredited and endorsed by ISSPF is a coaching education award providing a modern approach to the key skills required when involved in coaching soccer.

The focus of the course is as follows:

  • Getting involved and helping those involved to ‘get better’
  • Creating a safe learning environment
  • Organising games
  • Introduction to the basics of FUNdamentals
  • Preparing for the game
  • Warm-up prior to the game
  • Organising and managing players expectations
  • An introduction to three different formats of competition
  • Using these in a practical setting
  • Developing players with basic coaching principles

Who is this course designed for?
This course has been designed for beginner to advanced level coaches who work with young players from grassroots to youth level.

How long is the course?
This is a 6 hour course providing a basic introduction to the organisation of football practices in a fun, safe environment with an emphasis on technical development.

Is my progress logged through the course?
After each lecture there is a short multiple-choice test designed to cement your learning. You can access your test results at anytime through your course progress area.

Can I stop/pause a presentation part way through?
Yes, the course is completely flexible. You can go back to a module at anytime and continue from where you left off.

Can I take the modules in any order?
No. The course follows a set structure that must be studied in numerical order. You can only access the next module once you have completed the previous module test.

Is there a time limit on the course?
Yes. This course has a 3-month access limit. You can access the course 24/7 within this period.

Will I get a certificate to show that I have passed the course?
Yes, you will receive a pass certificate provided you have attained the minimum pass grade of 75%.

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British Virgin Islands Football AssociationAccredited by British Virgin Islands Football Association

This online course is fully accredited by the BVIFA & ensures the study hours will contribute to the achievement of a formal accreditation & BVIFA continued professional development.

The course will also be accepted towards the revalidation for the BVIFA-CONCACAF Level D-B courses.

Browse Lesson Plan

1. FUNdamentals & introduction to coaching
Delivered by David Baird

In this lecture you’ll discover the fundamental elements of training organisation in soccer, the key coaching principles of P.L.A.Y, planning & learning through technical development examples and how to develop sessions to inspire & develop creativity.

2. The coaching process Part 1
Delivered by Dr. Adam Owen

Following this lecture you will be able to identify key characteristics within the development of your future players, be capable of implementing key cultural changes within your sporting structure, understand where your coaching groups sits in the developmental & learning stages and be capable of using key coaching processes identified to enhance your coaching methodology with the relevant group.

3. Training the game: A modern youth academy training structure
Delivered by Mirko Mazzantini

During this lecture you should be able to implement a youth academy training methodology & understand the processes in place to be used from grassroots to academy football, understand the key components & psychological benefits of the coaching methodology and how to integrate the game phase into the final part of the coaching method, which enables you to enhance the technical capacity of youth players.

4. The coaching process Part 2
Delivered by Dr. Adam Owen

Following this lecture you should be able to use the processes identified within the lecture to enhance your coaching methodology with the relevant group, focus and establish a positive learning coaching environment with your young players, set SMART goals for the staff and players as well as yourself for continued development. You will also be able to integrate self-reflective practice as part of your coaching philosophy.

5. Principles & fundamentals - off pitch requirements
Delivered by Dr. Ashley Allanson

From this lecture you will understand the integrated training methodology and how to implement it, you will understand how we can influence physical training targets within training sessions, you will understand and implement integrated training based on the relative training group age and you will be able to maximise your training sessions with players through intelligent ‘session design’.

6. An Integrated Coaching Approach
Delivered by Efthymios Kyprianou

Following this lecture you should be able to implement small-sided games in sessions to replicate the ‘real-game’ scenarios, improve technical & tactical understanding for young players, develop physical & psycho-social skills within youth players through manipulating key variables of small-sided games and implement a ‘player-centred’ coaching approach in your sessions.

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