Professor Gibson Moreira Praça

(Ph.D, MSc, BSc HONS)

Academic Institution: Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil

Practical Affiliation (current & previous): Desportivo Minas, Santa Cruz FC, Colégio Magnum Academy

Languages Spoken: Portuguese, English

Content Feature: Soccer specific training

Area: Tactical training and development within youth academies

Personal Website:

Articles by Professor Gibson Moreira Praça

Coaching Principles

Influence Of Floaters & Positional Status On Player’s Responses

Small-sided games (SSGs) with floaters are frequently adopted during the training process of soccer players. However, no study has previously investigated how the rules imposed to these additional players impact the physical, tactical, and physiological responses of the regular players. this study aimed to analyse the influence of the number of floaters on players’ tactical behaviour, physical demands, and physiological responses in soccer SSGs and to compare these variables between players with different positional statuses.

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