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Jarred Marsh

Jarred Marsh studied at University of Cape Town and specializes in physiology, nutrition and coaching principles.

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Alex Segovia Vilchez

Alex Segovia Vilchez is a soccer Strength & Conditioning Coach, holding a Msc in Football Conditioning & Rehabilitation, as well as, a 5 years Bsc in Sport Science.

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Jack Christopher

Jack Christopher studied at the University of London and specialising strength training, efficiency and modern periodization methods, velocity based training, on field training methodology in football.

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Aleksa Boskovic

Aleksa Boskovic studied at the University of Novi sad, Serbia and specialises in strength training, training load monitoring and injury prevention.

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Hamish Munro

Hamish Munro studied at the St Mary’s University, University of Bedfordshire, University of Worcester and specialises in integrating tactical and physical periodisation schemes, assessing deceleration capabilities, velocity based training.

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Ricardo Pires

Ricardo Pires studied at the ISPA – Instituto Universitário and specialises in social psychology and sport psychology.

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Jorge David Mora Anzola

Jorge Davis Mora Anzola studied at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia) and specialises in sport psychology, sport career and transitions and intervention in sport Injury recovery.

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Jack Sharkey

Mr Jack Sharkey studied at Loughborough University and specialises in exercise physiology, training load monitoring and wearable technology.

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Konstadinos Jani

Konstadinos Jani studied at the University of Thessaly and specialises in coaching principles, fatigue & recovery and injury reduction & injury rehabilitation.

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Margarita Posada

Margarita Posada is the founder of the Mexican Sports Nutrition Federation FMND and specialises in sports nutrition & nutrition for injury.

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Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray studied at Brunel University and specialises in sport psychology, social psychology & mental skills training.

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Siôn Rowlands

Siôn Rowlands studied at University of Chester and specialises in sport psychology, coaching principles and mental skills development.

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