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As a leading provider of online soccer education, ISSPF has achieved international accreditation and recognition with leading organizations, clubs and higher education institutions. ISSPF accredited courses have been independently scrutinised and verified to ensure integrity.


Dr. Fabian Otte

Dr. Fabian Otte studied at the German Sport University Cologne and specialises in coaching principles, skill acquisition training and sports psychology.

Efthymios Kyprianou

Dr. Efthymios Kyprianou studied at Kingston University and specialises in soccer integrated training, testing & monitoring and strength & conditioning.

Dr. Miguel Angél Campos

Dr. Miguel Angél Campos studied at University of Pablo de Olavide (Seville) and specialises in training load, small sided-games and training methodology.

Professor Karim Chamari

Professor Karim Chamari studied at Medical Faculty of Montpellier, France and specialises in sports training methodology, ramadan fasting and injury prevention.

Daniel Ortiz

Daniel Ortiz studied at Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and specialises in GK Coaching coaching process and training methodology.

Daniel Tumelty-Bevan

Daniel Tumelty-Bevan studied at University of Glamorgan, Wales and specialises in soccer specific training and training methodology.

Fraser Stewart

Fraser Stewart studied at University of the West of Scotland, Glasgow and specialises in goalkeeper methodology, coach education and coaching principles.

Ivan Kovčić

Ivan Kovčić studied at University of Zagreb and specialises in coaching principles, coach education and goalkeeping methodology.

Eduardo Cachulo

Eduardo Cachulo studied at Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal and specialises in goalkeeping methodology, youth development and coach education.

Graeme Smith

Graeme Smith is Head of Academy Goalkeeping Rangers Football Club and specializes in coach education, coaching principles and goalkeeper methodology.

Clive Brewer

Clive Brewer studied at Center for Excellence in Sports Science and Coach Education and specialises in fitness training, strength & conditioning and injury prevention.

Dr. Chrysostomos Giannoulakis

Dr. Chrysostomos Giannoulakis studied at the University of Northern Colorado and is an expert in sport administration, sport-for-development, and sport event management.

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