Certificate in Strength & Conditioning for Soccer Performance

In this course you will learn the following key areas of Strength & Conditioning for Soccer Performance:

1. Competition Induced Fatigue in Soccer – Practical Applications for Enhancing the Recovery Process
2. Injury Prevention in Soccer: Key Strategies & Methods
3. LTAD – Building a Model for an Academy Development
4. Biomechanical Considerations within Soccer
5. Soccer Training: Soccer Specific Warm-Up Strategies
6. Soccer Specific Endurance Training
7. Speed Endurance Training in Soccer.
8. Soccer Nutrition: from Youth to Adults.
9. Considerations & Applications of Training Load Monitoring in Elite Soccer Players
10. Individual Periodization within a Soccer Team: A Working Model


This Certificate in Strength & Conditioning for Soccer Performance has been developed with some of the most respected coaches, sports scientists, physical specialists, practitioners and academics working within soccer

This course provides you with the latest research and practitioners experience at the elite level of fitness and conditioning for soccer performance to help maximise player and coach performance.


Delivered by Konstadinos JaniKonstadinos Jani

In Module 1, you’ll look at analysing competitive demands and understanding energy demands of the game. You’ll also learn recovery methods and how to maximise strategies.

Delivered by Aleksa Boscovic
Aleksa Boskovic

In Module 2, you’ll look at injury prevention and explore what you can control. Find out how to use problem solving in a team environment along with other methodologies, implementations and considerations.

Delivered by Alex Segovia VilchezAlex Segovia Vilchez

In Module 3, you’ll look at how to apply a LTAD training framework and develop knowledge on Complex Dynamic Systems. You’ll also explore the science behind a soccer specific LTAD model.

Delivered by Dr. Alessandro Lonero

In Module 4, you’ll look at strength development in a sport specific manner and explore traditional vs. modern approaches. Find out how to plan and design your program using functional movement strength & training details.

Delivered by Dr. Dawid GolinskiDr. Dawid Golinski In Module 5, you’ll be introduced to soccer specific strategies, the mechanisms of warm up; a warm up model and how to integrate and implement it into your training sessions.

Delivered by Berni Guerreroberni guerro

In Module 6, you’ll look at the importance of endurance training and evaluate traditional training vs. a modern approach. Learn some new innovate approaches to training and monitoring.

Delivered by Dr. Osman AtesDr. Osman Ates

In Module 7, you’ll develop a further understanding of the physiology of soccer including anaerobic energy system, soccer specific endurance conditioning and speed endurance training methodology.

Delivered by Diogo FerreiraDiogo Ferreira

In Module 8, you’ll look at maturational changes in the developing soccer player and energy demands across player development. You’ll also learn macronutrient considerations of the developing player and nutritional education.

Delivered Dr. Vasilis KalapotharakosDr. Vasilis Kalapotharakos

In Module 9, you’ll look at training load – the theoretical model and understanding internal & external loads. You will also explore training load monitoring & assessments.

Delivered by Jarred Marshjarred marsh

In Module 10, you’ll look at periodisation models & defining training load, player load & training load response You’ll discover more about sport specific training games, practical problems and individual based programming. You will also explore development, and the technical-tactical-conditioning implications of the micro cycle.




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  • Individuals tasked with the responsibility for the strength & conditioning, training, preparation & coaching aspects of soccer players.
  • Individuals with an interest in developing their own knowledge in the strength & conditioning, training & development of individual soccer players and teams.
  • This course is developed and structured for all individuals with an interest in developing their knowledge around the fitness, conditioning, and strength development of players in the game, students with degree level or post-degree level educations, learners with UEFA, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, AFC or other FIFA recognised coaching awards in the training & development of individual soccer players and teams.
  • Reveals the most efficient training methods and detailed insights into developing player strength & conditioning levels in accordance with nutritional, psychological and long-term development methodologies
  • Gain a better understanding how to maximise player development through the use of elite strength & conditioning techniques across a soccer specific pathway
  • Provides latest research findings, & contemporary training methods and detailed insights into strength and conditioning (S&C)
  • Highlights the practical application of modern, research-based training methods & assessment tools for strength & conditioning of soccer players
  • Provides an increased evidence & knowledge to understand key strength development & performance processes
  • Learn from industry experts in soccer science, strength & conditioning, & performance training
  • This course discusses & highlights the most efficient strength & conditioning (S&C) training methods and performance, soccer science coaching principles and detailed insights into developing performance in soccer.
  • Provides you with an increased evidence & knowledge to understand key strength & conditioning performance processes across a range of coaching science topics
  • Will enable you to discuss the most efficient S&C training methods and detailed insights into developing player fitness alongside analysis, nutritional & training methodologies
  • You will learn from industry experts in the area of football science, sport science & performance training in team sports
  • Help you to maximise your decision making through a better understanding & appreciation of football or soccer science
  • This course will help anyone interested in making better decisions when it comes to S&C coaching with individuals, groups or teams.
  • You will learn from industry experts in the areas of football science, strength & conditioning, sport science & performance training in soccer.
  • Help you to maximise your decision making through a better understanding & appreciation of S&C in soccer science.
  • ISSPF courses are not only recommended by universities and federations around the world, but they are delivered by some of the leading S&C, coaches and performance practitioners in the game providing cutting edge methods and industry overview on dealing with specific aspects of performance coaching and development
  • ISSPF are working at accrediting all their courses through academic and footballing institutes in order to provide additional academic currency to the learner

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