Category: Training Methodology

Coaches & other individuals involved within the physical development & preparation of soccer players have to balance a number of key elements when training players (i.e. technical, tactical, strength & conditioning). Understanding the effects of training and more importantly different types of training on the players total training load is vitally important. ISSPF will open the literature & link specific applied ways elite clubs & coaches assist players in the management of training load.

Variations of Training Load in Pro Soccer Players

Quantifying training is a common practice conducted in professional sports teams, the aims of which are to determine the external and internal load imposed on players through training and to determine the acute and long-term implications of training.

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Introduction of the “PoST” Framework for Skill Development

The coaches’ ability to provide athletes with appropriate affordances (primarily, via the use of task constraints) within game-representative training environments is incumbent for skill learning.

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Measuring Peak Velocity In Soccer

Our main finding is consistent with that of previous work whereby elite youth players only attained ~90% of their peak velocity during matches.

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