As a leading provider of online soccer education, ISSPF has achieved international accreditation and recognition with leading organizations, clubs and higher education institutions.

ISSPF accredited courses have been independently scrutinised and verified to ensure integrity, quality and deemed to meet the highest global standards and benchmarks.

Here are some of the accreditations we have achieved: 

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Our ISSPF Multiple Learner Licence

For Schools, Colleges, Universities, Coach federations and Organisations.

Our partnership programs can aid progress through a variety of ways:

As an add-on/enrichment course (e.g. for students of all academic levels, coaches working towards various licences);

As a supplementary module for learners, students & coaches to study at home;

As a part of an in-house club or organisational coach education/self-development strategy that can be monitored

If you would like to become an education partner with us here at ISSPF, please contact us to see how we can help!